Class Projects

Leadership Lawton/Ft. Sill
Class Projects

Each Leadership Lawton-Fort Sill class is expected to complete a class project to leave something behind that will ultimately benefit our community. The Class Project allows our program participants to take ownership and pride in something they worked on together as a group. The Class Project can be anything. It is entirely up to the class to decide what their Class Project will be. We do ask that a class spokesperson come before the board some time during the class year to present their idea, but it is not a requirement that the board approve the Class Project. Past Class Projects have been as diverse as the class members themselves:

Class I
Developed Junior Leadership Lawton/Fort Sill for high school juniors

Class II
Built the Lawton/Fort Sill Gateway Sign – a $50,000 project

Class III
Built a playground for handicapped children at Will Rogers Elementary

Class IV
Developed Lawton/Fort Sill Proud, a non-profit, grassroots, volunteer
organization providing an avenue for individuals and businesses to affirm their pride in the Lawton/Fort Sill community

Class V
Developed a program to encourage sportsmanship in youth sports

Class VI
Adopted Roosevelt Elementary School to support partnering projects
and held a garage sale and raffle to benefit the school

Class VII
Developed an Endowment Fund at the Lawton YMCA

Class VIII
Built a climbing wall at Marie Detty Camp Y’Shua

Class IX
Built a hard surface basketball playground area at Elmer Thomas Park

Class X
Bought playground equipment for New Directions, the battered women’s shelter

Class XI
Built a pavilion at Kids Zone

Class XII
Developed nursing scholarships

Class XIII
Raised financial support for Junior Leadership Lawton-Fort Sill

Class XIV
Raised funds to provide local high schools with Audio/Visual Equipment

Class XV
Designed and built welcome sign at Lawton Regional Airport

Class XVI
Raised funds for United Way 211

Class XVII
Raised funds and constructed tricycle path at The Learning Tree Academy

Donated $13,500 to Lawton Police Department Gang Task Force

Class XIX
Scoreboard and maintenance fees for Miracle League Ballpark

Class XX
Median sign located at 11th St. and Gore Blvd.

Class XXI
Monetary donation to the Lawton Food for Kids Foundation

Class XXII
Monetary donation to J. Roy Dunning Children’s Shelter

Lawton Public School Road Project

Class XXIV
New Handicap Play Ground Equipment at Swinney Elementary

Class XXV
Lawton Public Schools S.T.E.M. program donation

Class XXVI
Restoration of the Class of 1931 Fountain- City Hall Complex